24 November 2007

10 Weird Things About Me.

1.I'm Half Cockney Half Geordie

2.I'm an alto when singing in Choirs which is the lowest possible female voice, though in 4 part harmonies we sing the second highest line.

3. I once had a rat called B***h and another called Freak.

4. I'm an honorary member of the polite society.

5.I played the Nazi (A male character) in my High Schools production of the musical "Cabaret"

6. I was the Ghost in the play "The Woman In Black" for 3 years running when An Isle Of Wight theater company was granted permission to perform it.

7.I have a rare field of vision problem that means I can't see anything below my nose without looking down. To demonstrate hold your hand out in front of your eye's and without looking down to follow it lower your hand, you should be able to see it till it's by your chest or stomach, mine vanishes below my nose if I do the same thing.

8.There's nothing they can do about my field of vision problem only one of many eye specialists I've seen have ever seen it before, and that was in only one other person.

9.I used to be a pentecostal Christian and was baptized by John Anderson from the progressive rock group "Yes's" brother Tony Anderson.

10.My full name is Nancy Rowina Patricia Farrell after one grandfather who was called Patrick and the other who was known as Roly though his real name was Edward so Rowina should be Edwina.

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