28 October 2007

BYB Sunday- My computer.

I’ve recently had my computer upgraded and it took ages, nearly two weeks, you don’t realise how important your computer is to you until you don’t have one anymore and it’s in a shop somewhere being pulled apart and having new bits put in. First off my friend tried install the mother board for me but it wouldn’t work so I sent it into the shop. It took him nearly 7 days to look at it as his shop is so busy but it turned out to be faulty RAM he’d sold me so he just replaced it.
It was all worth it however as it has more memory now and is faster and the graphics are better than before. It didn’t cost that much either, it’s far cheaper to just buy parts for your old computer than to buy a brand new one.
I don’t know how I got by so long with the old Motherboard it was so old and slow it did do well to run as long as did mind you but it was getting so unstable it was ridiculous. Now hopefully I won’t have anymore computer breakdowns for years.


MsDemmie said...

Glad you are all fixed now - I had to cave in and get a new computer a couple of months ago.

Happy BYB Sunday

CyberCelt said...

When my computer cratered earlier this year, I was lost. Everything was on it: pictures, bills, budgets (ha), receipts, works in progress...

Stopping by for BYB Sunday and to invite you to submit a post today for
Blog Village Fall Fest on Advertising for Success blog.

Paulie said...

Yes, having a computer is a blessing for me too! My blessing is about halves.