12 April 2007


To make up for the lack of posts of a pagan nature I've decided to do a post about The magical properties of Ivy. It's believed to help with healing and protection and protect against negativity and disaster It is carried by women for fidelity and general good luck and woven into wedding wreaths by brides. It is paired with holly so can also be used in love charms.

There's a wonderful page on Ivy here called "The Ivy" that is worth a read it tells you lots about the significance of Ivy In paganism. There's also a wikipedia page about the actual plant Ivy, and I used this page called "Herbal Properties-Kindle the fire".

Sorry I've neglected the blog for a while I've got to do 6 more posts for pay per post before I can transfer it over to another blog and the opportunities open to me are very limited so you may have to put up with a few more off topic posts as I work on my other blog which is here it's called "Under The Ivy" strangely enough, I need to improve it's page ranking so it would help if you could visit it and maybe even link to it if possible I will return the link.

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CyberCelt said...

Happy BYB Sunday. I will visit your other blog. I am a member of PPP, too.