24 April 2007

Beltane is coming

Beltane is coming so I’m going to post a few things you can do to celebrate the first day of summer, traditionally celebrations start on the evening of the 30th of April and carry through out the first of May. It’s traditional to light a bonfire on the evening of the 30th April and try to keep it burning until the morning, fire has cleansing properties and rejuvenates the land and people. It’s also traditional to leap over the fire for purification and fertility, but be careful if you want to try this one only attempt it with small fires.

It’s a time of partnership and fertility new couples declare their love for each other on this day and it’s a perfect time to begin new projects. There’s a tradition of going “A-Maying” which is going into the woods to look for Hawthorn flowers (worn by maidens on May Day) staying up all night watching the sun rise and making love in the woods.

The Dew on May Day mornings is said to have magical properties, wash your face and body in it to remain youthful and fair all year, and men who wash their hands in it will be good at tying knots and nets.
I’ll find some rituals and recipes to post over the next couple of days.

Blessed Be.

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Sandy Carlson said...

I loved this time of year when I lived in Ireland. You can feel the earth moving closer to the sun. It's magical and wonderful. Thanks for this post. It brought back many memories and makes me want to return to some Celtic mythology this spring.

Happy BYB Sunday!