14 January 2007

My Sunday Blessing - My Hands

My hands are very important to me and having full use of them is a blessing to me, I like to play musical instruments and sew and knit and make other home crafts, without full use of my hands I couldn't do any of these things (or would at least have great difficulty).

I'd even have trouble blogging without the full use of my hands unless I had voice recognition software to type for me, if you think about it there thousands of things we couldn't do easily without our hands and full use of them. I have friends who through brain damage or arthritis cannot use there hands fully anymore they have trouble doing basic tasks people with full use of their hands take for granted like peeling vegetables and even picking up any object. I admire their adaptability and how they manage without this thing we take for granted, and the many inventions created to help them with day to day tasks.

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Whatever said...

I guess hands are an extension of our will. The things that actuate our desire to change the world in some way.

Kuanyin said...

You have interesting hands, and that nail polish--very mystical and celtic! Is that a black obsidian ring? Blessings from another BYB!

Bluepanther said...

I have thought often about what life would be if I lost the ability to use my hands and it is not a pretty picture that presents itself.

Happy BYB Sunday and have a great week ahead!

msdemmie said...

Another great blessing and soemthing to be thankful for.

I love the nail varnish and your rings.

stev said...

i like the nail polish... err... varnish if msdemmie says so

anyways being able-bodied (esp em hands) is def a blessing indeed

made me pause for a moment today - and that's a good thing :)