22 December 2006

The Yule Log

Sorry I've been a long time publishing the pictures of my Yule Log that I promised, I've of course been busy partying as Pagans do around this time of year, and preparing for Christmas as I of course still give out Christmas presents to my non-Pagan friends and family. As you can see I've decorated the log in a traditional fashion with Ivy pine cones and red ribbons really I should have some Holly but it has been freezing here sometimes as low as minus one during the day, which makes walking out to gather these things difficult, the Ivy grows in my own back garden so I have plenty of that. I've not got time to write an article about yule logs, but I've found a great page the post title is a link to that tells you all about where they originate from.

Above is a picture of the Yule Log burning, which is also traditional on the Winter Solstice. If you are going to burn your own Yule log use a fireplace, or if you don't have one take it outside.


msdemmie said...

Yuletide Blessings to you and yours X

Whatever said...

Nifty --- Merry, er, something and have a Happy next year or whatever :-)