17 December 2006

My Sunday Blessing - My Cats

This Sunday I'm going to blog about my cats, who I was blessed with accidentally never wanting cats really ever before.

Tabitha I got as a kitten when she was about 8 weeks old, a family's cat had had a litter and they were giving away the kittens. When I got her she was covered with fleas and had ear mites, the Cats Protection League who I took her to for treatment said she could have died from anemia as a result of all the fleas on her tiny body.

I spoilt her terribly and now she thinks she rules the house, scratching and biting me when she doesn't get her own way, she may look pretty and cute but don't let that fool you she is lethal! She is also very loving when she wants to be however and I would never give her up.

Gizmo was my second cat and I really did get her by accident, someone upstairs from me when I used to live in flats got her for the guy across the road. He however already had a kitten by the time she arrived, so the guy who bought her over who already had a dog and absolutely no desire for a cat didn't know what to do. I offered to take her for one night saying I would take her to be re-homed by cats protection the next day as I already had one cat.

When I took her in my flat I realized what a lovely affectionate cat she was and kept her however and she's lived with me and Tabitha ever since.

Both of them are the same age though from completely different litters, and Tabitha fights with Gizmo where she was here first obviously thinking she runs the house. My life would not be the same without them and I do count them as a blessing just as I do the people who enter my life.

And here's a Gazoo for everyone surfing on blogazoo, just click the word and you get free credits.


msdemmie said...

Beautiful cats - I keep hoping a grey cat will choose me next time.

BYB Sunday visit

Brightest Blessings X

CyberCelt said...

Cats choose us, for they do not stay if we are unworthy.

Have a blessed season.

Whatever said...

Cats are such curious blends of domestic and wild. They can be very loving and friendly, yet the hunter in them is always near by.

Kuanyin said...

Even though I'm a day late commenting on the BYB meme, I finally made it here! You might want to join the other meme Cats On Tuesday run by Ingrid from Belgium. Check out my other blog: www.theartoflivinganddying.blogspot.com if you're interested....you should find the link there. Blessings, Kuanyin

nora said...

Hi Nancy, just saying hello from Dublin. You popped in to see me. May you be blessed this Yule. Beannachtaí na Féile ort!

stev said...

not a cat person here :P

but i like the stories & the pix settings with your cats are nice

mary said...

Leonardo Da Vinci said:

"The smallest feline is a masterpiece."

How very right on he was.

An inspired 2007 to you & yours.