3 December 2006

My Sunday Blessing - A Front Door to Call My Own

This Sunday I'm blogging about the blessing of having my own front door, it may be a bit old and flimsy but I can still close and lock it at night. Many people do not have a front door to call there own and have to live on the street so it is indeed a blessing to have a house.

My house is cold in winter but it has all the rooms I need and can be cosy when I have enough electricity to heat it. My cats enjoy living in a house more than did a flat too and it is closer to the town which isn't always such a blessing, especially not on a Friday night when all the drunks are piling out of the pubs, but I can't grumble usually.

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Sorry I missed last weeks too guys I was very busy.



msdemmie said...

BYB visit ...............

Blessings X

CyberCelt said...

Happy BYB Sunday! Thanks for reminding us how blessed we are to have a door, running water, electricity, heat, food and safety. There are so many in the world who do not.

Bless you.

Whatever said...

It's nice to have a home, wherever that ends up being, but the amenities like not being an apartment (flat), having running water, etc. are very true :-)

Bluepanther said...

Its true, these small things matter a lot but we often tend to take them for granted.
Have a great week!!!

stev said...

i like your unique view on things

ps. np at all - its ok to be bz ;)

cube said...

Wise words. Some of us are thrice blessed with 3 doors ;-)