14 November 2006

Another Britblog Blog Meet coming up

Long Term Readers of my blog will know I'm an editor for the Britblog Blog Directory which is what it sounds like, a directory of British blogs. We've organized several "Blog Meets" so members can all get together and meet up. There is going to be another one in London on the 9th of December, it will probably be at the same pub as the last one (The Marquess of Anglesea) but this has not been finalised yet. Read the Brit Blog Blog for more details and updates on what's happening, the post title is a direct link to the most recent post on the matter.

The whole Britblog site is going to have complete make over and will soon have a tag cloud so if you are British a british citizen or an ex British patriot now is a great time to sign up as the Directory is about to get even bigger and better.

1 comment:

big-al said...

hey nancy

blog meetings.....hhmmm that sounds like a great idea.

you get the chance to meet the people you always talk too.

keep it up girl.