20 November 2006

American Scrapes Butt In Struggle to grab Free Money From Insane English Men Dressed As Robin Hood.

I bet you thought I made that head line up in my crazed mind as you read that didn't you? I didn't It's actually true! It's a link to a REAL news story on the BBC's news website. I was so shocked and amused by it I just had to blog about it.

It seems a group of three men called the "Modern Day Robin Hoods" threw $4000 dollars into the air in New York proclaiming they were mad Englishmen. If you go to the Beebs website via the link in the post title there is even a video of this. No further explanation seems to have been given for why they did this other than they are insane and wanted to make the world a better place, though we are speculating on the Mark Thomas forum it's a stunt for some TV show that will be shown at a later date.

So in case any of my non British readers had any shadow of doubt left that we British folk are not completely insane I hope it has now been erased, we are indeed all completely bonkers.

Cheers! :)

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CyberCelt said...

Guys in green tights. WoooHooo

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