6 July 2006

Tidied The Blog, and Get My Snazzy New Template!

I went through my blogroll yesterday and ruthlessly deleted a lot of links as the list was just too long. I've left everyone who's linking to me or is relavent to the Pagan theme. If you are linking to me and you're not on my blogroll let me know and I'll add you, I only go from what technorati tells me. I've also just found this great free template that is easy to install, I finally have 2 sidebars!

I'd also like to mention the Blog Traffic exchange Blog Soldiers again, as it's a really nice little traffic exchange, the more you surf the higher your rank becomes (you earn the letters of words, and everytime the word is complete you go up a rank) and this gives you a load of free credit. Surfing there has got quite depressing as there are few blogs in rotation, so if you are member don't forget to surf, and if not join now you can never be in too many blog traffic exchanges.


mark said...

Ooh very snazzy!

Carrie said...

I like this template and thanks for the Gazoo and the lovely comment you left for me on The Angel Within. it really cut me deep when my beloved Ink's Erotica was attacked but I feel ok now and I won't be submitting my blogs anywhere else again :)

Kay said...


I recently left Blog Soldiers, all I ever saw was the same blogs over and over, plus when I would allocate 2000 credits they would be gone in 2days.

when I reached the final letters of the very last word I was taken back to a newbie and when I emailed them about it there was never any reply.

I suppose if you like it then stick with it.


JerseyTjej said...

You obviously have more talent than I on these blogg sites...maybe you can tell me how to do the 2 sided thingy? ...or is it a secret?