12 July 2006

More Of The Moth

The Moth has turned out to be quite a star, it turned up again and posed for more photo's on my cat and on Vinnys hand, in fact she won't leave his arm and wouldn't go when we took her outside.

I found some more info and pictures of the White Plume moth here and here.


Aunt Julia said...

wow, nice pics. Not easy to get the close-up of the moth, i presume.

Bug said...

*chuckle* That's so cute how it's just hanging out on the cats head! :o)

mommy said...

How very cool!

I have NEVER seen anything like that before. Fascinating. Kinda creepy looking (like maybe a ghost moth), but very cool nevertheless.

Anonymous said...

That is an amazing looking moth. Great pics. Found your site on BlogExplosion.