11 February 2006

The Forest Pagan Community

I found this fantastic community for pagans on the banner exchange at the bottom of my blog. There's a link in the post title and in my sidebar. There's a forum and loads of fun things associated with it, you earn points you can purchase things like pets and blinkys that appear with your posts with. There's a also a button in the sidebar that needs clicking if you like my site or it will have a terrible ranking in the pagan forest top sites list.

They also offer blogs and free web hosting and templates without ad's I'm thinking of starting a site to centralise and preserve what I'm posting here. After all these archives are only saved for a year or something.

The other members are friendly and the forum is active, there's a book of shadows with some interesting spells and potions, you can even set up a personal altar I've done mine already. I'm already addicted to this place and would love to bring them some new members. It's Well worth a look if you are a fellow Pagan looking for other pagans on the internet. There are people from the UK there too so it's not just for the Americans.

They have there own banner exchange too, sadly I've no more room for banners or I'd take part. The list of things on offer goes on and on, in one of the forums (The Cauldron) there's a link to download for a piece of software that sits in your system tray and tells you the phase of the moon. It's really useful I downloaded it.

I hope I get some new members to sign up and blessed be to all my readers.

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Willow said...

Thank you so much for your kind words about our site, it means so much to Kel and I. I look forward to chatting with you on The Forest!