18 February 2006

Busy Days.

Sorry for the lack of posts recently I've been busy as I am moving. And in this month between sabbats there's not much to post about.

I've found an ebay store that sells pagan moulds for soap and plaster of paris. There are also some nice garden plaques including one that says "grow you buggers grow". I've got my eye on a few, and would definitely like to do some pentacle soaps.

I plan to start a herb garden in my new place, I've found places to order seeds including this ebay store and this site stocks valerian seeds.

I'm going to grow catnip and lavender and chamomile to start with and maybe some rosemary. I have two bits of garden one at the front and one at the back. In the front there's a big Wisteria bush I've had cut down to the bottom window level. It had grown right up to the roof of the cottage. It's wound itself round the TV aerial cable so I'm going to have to get a ladder to untangle it.


raven said...

Good luck with your move!

Fae said...

I think its cool that you have an informative blog for pagans. I plan to add you to my dailys and I hope you will comment on mine as well! Although mine is more of a personal blog..maybe we can be comment buddies..by the way, found you at The Forest! <3 :)