9 December 2005

A Free ebook every Witch should have and a cool site.

I've found an exellent web site offering free content I can distribute through my own site including a lovely little ebook. I've had trouble finding Wiccan themed content for my blog, so I was exstatic when I found witchology.com giving away free wiccan content. So here it is my friends get it while it's hot.

It's called "The Little Book Of Witchcraft" and is beautifully illustrated throughout, we're very lucky to find it free. To download the ebook click this word and follow the prompts, you'll need adobe acrobat reader. There's a whole series of these books ("The little book of...") about all different subjects, you find them in the "New Age" and "Self help" sections in book shops, now there's one for us!

The website is excellent and well worth visiting, there are more ebooks to be had amongst other wiccan themed freebies I may offer from here at some point. You can also volunteer to review things for them, I have and am waiting to hear back I'll let you know what it happens. Pagan themed web pages are so hard to come by and this one is fantastic please visit it if you can.

Update- this file expires when it's not downloaded for a while, if you're trying to get it and it's not there leave a comment on a more recent post and I'll get it back up.

Update may 2007- I just renewed the file the link should be working.


Anonymous said...

the download's expired =(

Anything's Possible said...

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