4 December 2005

Frank Zappa

Before the day runs out there is still time to mention that it's the anniversary of Frank Zappa's death.

I found a picture of him playing the guitar as I feel he is underated as a guitarist. His lyrics went where no one else dared to go but so did his guitar style, let us not forget that.

He died on this day in 1993 of Prostate cancer in LA, may he rest in Peace.


FredCQ said...

Thanks for posting this and reminding me. I can't believe that I forgot. I posted a little tribute at my site after reading your post.

Zappa is one of my all time favorite musicians.

FredCQ said...

Sorry for the second post. I did not read your profile before posting the second time.

You should check out my blog:

I just did two pieces on progressive rock. One on epic songs and the other on concept albums. Hope you stop by!