2 December 2005

channel4.com - News-US executes 1000th Prisoner

A story from Channel 4 News today, the US has executed it's 1000th Prisoner by lethal injection, he was double murderer Kenneth lee Boyd.

I've always been anti the death penalty, as I don't think anyone should have the power to sentance another human being to die. This is not because of Christian beliefs I am a pagan, it's more to do with my belief in karma and that everyone get's what they deserve in the end anyway.

For some murderers death is an easy way out and having to live with what they have done in captivity for the rest of their lives is a far better punishment than an early death.

This particular story is particularly sad as the man should have got deminished responsibility by the sound of things, I don't know what the American words for that would be, click the post title to read the full article.

And on a lighter note here is a song I wanted to share with you all, it's by aband called the Bonzo Dog Band and is called equestrian statue, they were a British comedy Jazz band, it's one of my favourites by them.

If it's popular I may publish a series so comment if you want to hear more, the song is downloadable so no one is annoyed by it auto playing, and I'll do the rest that way too.


Spaced Girl Hero said...

The most disturbing part of the death penalty is the number of people who have been executed that were later found to be innocent!

Spaced Girl Hero said...

Oh, and BTW, can I put a link to your blog on my page?

incurable hippie said...

I too am very uncomfortable with the death penalty.

SOmething about 'how does it make sense to kill someone to show that killing someone is wrong'.

Not to mention the hugely disproportionate number of black people executed :-/

The Virtual Ranger said...

I don't care for capital punishment, well said. But I like your light relief! I love the Bonzos too. Nice link, very handy! I like 'My Pink Half of the Drainpipe'. I sometimes think it might have been written about some of the dismal bungaloid estates on the Island such as parts of Nettlestone or Shanklin...

Nancyrowina said...

Virtual ranger, thanks for the link on your site, I couldn't leave a comment, just wanted to remind you to submit your blog to the Britblog directory at www.britblog.com if you haven't yet.