19 November 2005

BBC NEWS | Health | 'Tourists' harming India's health

I've just read this worrying article on the BBC news site, It seems that tourism isn't helping India it's making things worse. Rich people are being encouraged to fly out there to have cheap operations but the healthcare for the poor is not getting better. You would think the point of attracting rich people to pay for operations would be to improve the quality of care for the poor, but apparently not.

I read another story on someone elses blog (sorry don't have a link) about a womans eye being eaten by an ant in a hospital in India. Her screams were ignored as the nurses thought the pain was a result of the infection she was recovering from, if that's not negligence I don't know what is.

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Alison Ashwell said...

I think the worrying part of that story was a comment that its not unusual for ants to attack diabetic patients in India due to the high sugar contant of their blood.