17 November 2005

Always Crashing » Blog Archive » Insomnia Entry

Always Crashing » Blog Archive » Insomnia Entry

My friend over at Always Crashing is also suffering with his insomnia at the moment I see My Myspace Group Insomniacs anonymous is proving popular now too, seems there are many of us suffering out there. I don't want to take sleeping pills, but what the hell other alternative is there? Lie awake until I hallucinate from sleep deprivation? I mean I know that's fun sometimes but come on!

My sleeping pattern is sorting itself out I'm awake early this morning, but I didn't get to sleep till the early hours so would rather have got a few hours more sleep this morning, so I can't win. I need to go to a sleep clinic to get more advice on ways to improve my sleep pattern, if anyone has any tips please post them in the answers (my word for comments) or if you are my space join my group.

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