2 October 2005



I'm ill today I seem to have bronchitis I get it every year it's how I know Winter has begun, and every time I try to give up smoking. I've had two single skin joints today so far and that's it, it's easy not to smoke when it hurts your chest to do so, but I always start again as soon as I'm better. This time I want to do it properly and not start again so I'm cutting down first since I smoke a ridiculous amount. I'm also moving soon so I can aim to not be smoking by the time I get to my new house.

Coffin And Smoking

I've also put all the blogs on my blogroll that had RSS feeds on my RSS reader so I could shorten the list in my sidebar a bit. Not that many seem to have them unfotunatly so I still have a long list, I am still reading them all so don't panic if your blog is gone you're not losing readers.

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