2 September 2005

My Side Bar Got Silly, Should The Blog Map Stay Or Go?

I know there's still a gap before the random surrealism generator, but I can't delete anything else from the sidebar, the shout out box has proved useful, and I like the blog map, though it is what seems to be causing the gap. If you actually found the blog as a result of the map, would you leave a shout out in the box, or a comment? That will help me asess whether or not to finally keep it.
I'm planning on getting a new template too, just waiting to hear back from the designer, as it's got to be converted for blogger.
I've been surfing on the blog exchanges trying to improve the traffic, so thanks to anyone who's actually reading this.


Helen said...

It's so low on the page that it won't be viewed much so I don't think it would make a difference if it stays or goes. If you like it, that's what's important and it should stay!

Earl Jenkin™ said...

it's different, leave it if you want..it's your blog :)