13 September 2005

The Mighty Boosh!

British people may have recently seen series 2 of "The Mighty Boosh", a new comedy show, some of the funniest stuff on TV in a long time. I'm a great fan of Noel Fielding and Julian Barrets other work too, and have found a really good fan site for them, which has a great Mighty Boosh forum, all the people from the Forum are on "My space" too, where there's also a good Boosh group and community.
The writers of the show (and the main actors) have their own site too, which needs some work, but has some funny stuff. And if you liked the character Old Gregg, you love this place.

The recent flood of Dark Comedy were having in Britain has encouraged me to try again and write some comedy, so far I've only thought of one sketch. Which is disapointing, I feel I need to work with other writers, that I'd do it better that way, I just need to find someone who wants to work with me. I could have worked with Johnny, if only he hadn't turned out to be a meth amphetamine addicted nutter! Just my luck.


Spitting said...

I haven't seen 'The Mighty Boosh' but will certainly check it out now. Cheers!

Ben Harbour said...

Series 3 of the mighty boosh as just finished playing on BBC Three, for all of you that missed it, its due to be released in November. If you cant wait for that long I found a really good mighty boosh fan site


Which has all the episodes in flash

Hope you find this useful, also look up some info on the live show they are doing later this year