17 September 2005

Britblog are planning a traffic exchange.

My earlier post about the email I sent to Britblog worked, mark has made a post on the britblog blog, if you have any suggestions for it please leave them in the comments there, and thanks to everyone who's commented on my blog in support of the idea. It will be great if they do go ahead with it and start a traffic exchange.
Not that I will stop using the other traffic exchanges, I enjoy reading blogs from all over the world, it's just it will make it easier for me to blog without worrying my audience is mainly American on most of the traffic exchanges. For example how many Americans reading this know what "The Mighty Boosh" is? I rest my case. That's not to say some stuff isn't relevant to you guys on this blog, but the above mentioned TV show will probably never be shown in your country, so you wouldn't want to read my blog post about it if you were surfing.
The traffic exchanges that do exist are not used to their full potential, loads of people on Blogazoo and Blog Explosion haven't even filled in their profiles, so they won't be getting any visitors from searches!
Blogazoo profiles are nice because they encourage people to communicate using our shout out boxes. And it's just disappointing when you click a users profile and they haven't even written anything, if you're reading this while surfing Blogazoo, take a moment now to check you have filled out your profile, it apparently does increase your blogs popularity.


Scrawler said...

Umm, I've never heard of The Mighty Boosh....

Nancyrowina said...

Only been on BBC three so far, new comedy.

rankwil said...

This comment has nothing to do with your blog, it has to do with mine.

Google launches soft drinks - http://rankwil.blogspot.com/2005/09/google-launches-soft-drinks_17.html

Your comment:

Nancyrowina said...
Is this a joke?

My reply:

Of course it is!

(No intent to start a flame war, just wanted to get things in perspective)