9 August 2005

My Blog Is Losing Popularity!

Not that it really had that much in the first place, Hopefully I can gain some if I post a bit more regularly, I've had computer problems (my Cmos battery died) and have been away from home quite a bit recently, causing my lull in activity, it's been good for me to get out and away from the computer for a while. I've found myself a new Blinky to comfort myself over finding out I'm on the list of little visited blogs on the brit blog web site, it's the "Your so vain.." one.

My message board has finally died, so I have more time to squander on this blog, I prefer it really, It's much more self indulgent, and doesn't depend on the participation of others so much, only that you read, thank you for doing so, comments are optional. It was the way for me to go from the beginning really, if only I'd seen it. I still like to participate in message boards, but have to succomb to the fact I'm not popular enough to justify having my own (sob).

Since I was last posting regularly terrorists tried, and in some cases suceeded, to blow up parts of London again. Sad in this day and age there's still people who think they can achieve anything by killing innocent people deliberately, any sympathy anyone had for their cause immidiately is lost when they blow up innocent people anyway. An even sadder concequence of their actions is the increase in racially motivated crime, more innocent people being needlessly harmed.

I don't like posting about current affairs normally, as I am of the overall opinion our society has reached it's peak, and we are approaching our horrible end, just like the Romans, only we've got hundreds of types of horrific warfare to throw at each other. If it's not that that finish's us it will be an epidemic of an incurable illness that wipes us out, so with such a bleak out look, everything else doesn't seem very important. After all we're all just going to die horrible deaths, no matter what we do, but huge epic events like the London bombings prompt me to give some kind of reaction, even if it is just shock at what we human beings will do to each other.


Sally said...

Funny how there is a direct link between posting and being visited...truly funny!

Anonymous said...
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Nancyrowina said...

there's months of writing in the archives, they could read them.