5 June 2005

I'm Not Dead.

Just thought I'd let you all know I'm still alive, before I get booted out all my web rings.
The weathers terrible here for the time of year, and all my time spent on the computer is spent making money at the moment. I'll soon be at a point where i'm at least covering my internet bill every month at least.
I've invested the 12 dollars a month in the plan I was talking about earlier, I just need to make myself a web page and I can start recruiting fellow auto surfers into that. I'll link to the result when it's done.
I'll make a better post when I have time, thanks for still reading!


Somerset said...

You make that. A better post, I mean :)

unfurling said...

hello nancy!

just a random visitor to your site - Britblog has it down on the list of low visitor blogs - theyre patronising you!