10 April 2005

Lazy Sunday Afternoon

Decided I'd better write something before all my readers up and leave, since I haven't for a while.
Not much has changed, we're still as poor as church mice, and I'm still drug addled and crazy. I missed a workshop on "Mood Management" on Friday my shrink had booked me into. It was at really short notice they put me on it, and it was at 9.30 am, they know I can't sleep. Hopefully I'll just get on another one.
I got a set of two wireless microphones on ebay that I tested today round my dads house,they were great, and will be good for when I sing with him, he's also going to give me a guitar so I can start learning that too finally.
I've also planted a load of seeds in his shed I'm still waiting to see the seedlings from, it's been 7 days now. There's 20 sunflowers and some other plants for the hanging baskets, I hope they work, they'll be great if they do.
been listening to the radio stations on real player since I got broadband, listening to a new age one at the moment, nice and relaxing.

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