28 March 2005

So that was Easter

We were lucky on the weather front, it was beautiful, I took a picnic and we went to Ventnor Downs on Good Friday. The views were glorious, but when I got there I realised I didn't have my camera! I was gutted, but don't despair I will be returning there, with a camera, there were lots of lovely wild flowers, and even some wild horses. To get to the spot Vinny wanted to show me we had to climb over a barbed wire fence, and through a load of thorny bushes on the other side of it, in which my hair got stuck. We then had to descend a short but steep slope, we ate our picnic at the bottom of the field we ended up in. To get back out we had to climb over another barbed wire fence, and walk up a footpath, I realised how unfit I had become when I had to stop to prevent myself fainting! I intend to start walking more again, there are loads of beautiful places on the Isle Of Wight to go, that have inspired lot's of writers over the years, including Tennyson and Lewis Carol. There's also a walking festival in May, so I need to get training!

Also the mighty Johhny A has returned to my message board to spice things up, (there's a link in a post below to the board if you've not seen it yet) he's one of the emotional cripples I've collected over the years, a fine example, there's posts about our failed cyber love in the archives from last summer. here's his blog

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