19 November 2004

Things are looking up.

I've got a new boyfriend, who's not an emotional cripple, Allelujah!
I still think about Christian, but have stopped ringing him all the time, for him to just not answer. It got kind of like beating my head against a brick wall.
I saw him the other day, he was at the bus stop, we just talked normally then he got on his bus. Then the next day he still wouldn't answer his phone to me.

But I have vinny now, we're practically living together now, so really I have to stop this with christian, I couldn't have a relationship with him even if he would see me!

Have to move on, and am moving on.


Dr Emilio Lizardo said...

Vinny? Is he in the Mafia? I might know him...

...btw, you really should do something about the gifs, jpegs whatever.


ps nearly 2 months straight and clean not bad eh?

Nancyrowina said...

Yes Johnny, that is good, I can't believe you looked for my blog.

Nancyrowina said...

I've updated the photo, the other images work, I used that Hello thing, are there any others I've forgotten about?