1 August 2004


The message boards are all dead, everyone must be out enjoying the heat I suppose. Shame I hate the heat isn't it!
Thomasina's disappeared too, I know Levy's off at her drama camp thing, so she's probably gone to see her there. Natch is offline until he gets his phones on, but at least he'll have a proper PC! It will be good to be able web cam with him, if he ever gets one.
In real life things are ticking along, i'm going on the sick, must go to the doctors tomorrow, and get a sick note. That will make things easier for me for a while, things have been getting me down recently, I've had a hard time. everything fell apart again.
But I'm doing OK really, I went to a great gig yesterday and got wasted! A Jimi Hendrix and Beatles Tribute group! And I met a charming woman on the same anti-depressants as me, and we compared side effects. Both of us agreed they are the best we've tried, but the problems with achieving orgasm were annoying! They are helping me keep positive, and with recent events I'd be in bits now without them.

God Bless SSRI's!

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