15 July 2004

Well, woke up pissed off, as it was 3:15pm, damn diazepam, I've sorted my washing out and shall be off shortly to get that done.
Still no word from my strange cyber boyfriend, he's probably still recovering from the ridiculous amount of drugs he took on his birthday. He could have at least sent me a thank you email for the 3 Ecards I sent him, git. I should give him the benefit of the doubt, he is having computer problems, and will be experienceing a MASSIVE comedown, for which he's probably taken a load more drugs. For god sake, I grew out of that kinda shit when I was 18! But remember enough to know how his poor brains going to be feeling right now. I just hope he's okay, and not put himself in hospital just before he has to fly to England, silly sod.

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